Thursday, November 24, 2005


FOSS.IN in Bangalore

FOSS.IN 2005 is being held in Bangalore from 29^th of November to December 2^nd , 2005.As per reports the number of sponsors has increased as compared to last few years. There seems to be some buzz in the blogosphere regarding FOSS.IN and the organizers have a very cool website in place. >

Its good to see some traction in the web community on a total "tech" event being held in Bangalore.Actually I would like to call it a geek event , but I refrain from doing so , to avoid rubbing some of the folks I know , who are going to be a part of it , on the wrong side.

While this was formerly known as Linux Bangalore , Sun Microsystems happens to be showcasing its open source Solaris operating system “open Solaris” this year.

Sun recently open sourced its Application Server programme too , under the aegis of named as Project GlassFish. This was announced in JavaOne 2005 in San Francisco and seems to have gained some traction since. Sun is planning on showcasing the GlassFish project too at FOSS.IN 2005 . A technical talk is scheduled on 29^th Nov and there would be a booth dedicated for Project Glassfish. >

Glassfish is the project for developing an open source Java EE 5 compliant application server , which is based of the code base of Sun Java System Application Server 9.0 Platform Edition and Oracle's TopLink Java persistence implementation. It is distributed under CDDL license. Apart from Java EE this project also includes the embedded Apache Derby open source database, support for FastInfoSet to accelerate web service performance.

One of the key motivators for the Glassfish project is the ease of use.It provides a set of value adds like ON Demand Initialization of the various services in the Application Server like Http Service , a diagnostic service for easier diagnosis and trouble shooting, a self management service that provides intelligence to the Application Server and close integration with the open source IDE NetBeans

It would be interesting to see how much traction Glassfish generates in Bangalore ? Will open source application development pick up in Bangalore too ? I am going to be there to check it out. Would be there ?


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